Alex gets a muscle up!

On the minute:

Complete 5 burpees and perform max rep 95/65 lbs thrusters on the minute.

The goal is to complete 100 total thrusters.

*At the beginning of every minute perform 5 burpees, for the rest of the minute perform as many thrusters as you can during that minute. At the beginning of the next minute perform 5 burpees and then max rep thrusters and so on until you reach 100 total thrusters.

Post the total number of minutes it took to reach 100 thrusters.  WOD courtesy of CrossFit Football.

******Xena's 50th Birthday Bash is tonight at 7:30PM.  294 Hook St.  Wear black or white or both!******

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  1. looking forward to thrusters….:)
    see everyone around 10 tomorrow…..hope to see everyone at the party!! Sure it will be a great time!!

  2. That was harder than I thought!!! Thanks Campbell for being my counter today…. My time was 27:59rx…I didn’t do as well as I would have liked and found myself taking breaks …..but I DID it and it is time to start my weekend!! looking forward to getting my drink ON!!!…:)

  3. Hope to see everyone tonight at Xena’s bash!!!

  4. 27:44 Rx

  5. Tks to Andy for keeping me on track today.

  6. kalsu is insane. if you can do this RX’d at 135, you are a fire breather. no question.