DSC_0001 He's still got it!

HQ Rest Day.

AMRAP 15 Minutes

3 Push Press 135/95

5 KB Swings 70/53

7 Burpees

Post rounds to comments.



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  1. is it just me or does it look like the straps are straining not to break?

  2. It’s actually inspiring.

  3. I love this work out.

  4. Was Bostic out for awhile or something?

  5. 13rnds today Rx, although I actually think it might have been 12rnds, I think I was midway through rnd 8 with 7minutes to go. Still either way, not bad.
    Good job to the whole 8am crew, everyone pushed really hard and Pebbles in particular is so strong on the push presses and kept a good smooth pace going through the swings and burpees…nice job.
    Where is Bostic? Dude, I’m going to leave you behind if you don’t come back soon. LOL!
    Looking forward to the team competition at the Garage Games, Alex is really good, saw his workrate first hand this morning! GND, your check is at the gym on the table where the speakers are.
    See you all Monday…have a good weekend!!

  6. Was there a question as to whether he ever lost “it”?

  7. Great job! I was feeling pretty good about myself today until I saw your rds. posted on the board. You French people are tougher than you look!

  8. Great job to Pistol on her Snatch PR of 131 lbs!

  9. Diane….I got my singlet for my meet at no logo!
    thanx for the push today Ben.