Run 5 K

Post time to comments. Alt WOD will be posted at the gym.  Burpee Challenge Day 10, buy in 45 burpees.

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  1. figures, on my off day, that this workout comes up. i am craving some redemption after my performance yesterday.

  2. OK, I much as I detest running, I was actually thinking about doing a 5k so as to give my shoulders and hands a break.
    It was great seeing GND and Shandy at the “Q” yesterday.
    Talk about what freak Speal is, he did the WOD yesterday in 8 minutes flat!

  3. Gee thanks Pistol for your special leg and back breaking WOD today. I can’t walk.

  4. It was my pleasure, Spider! Nice wod, Breeze, thanks! I enjoyed it and I think Jpo did too.

  5. Ran 4.1 miles today. My running still sucks a**, but at least the first 2 miles felt good today. Shoulders and hands definately enjoyed the rest.