Run 10k.  An ALT WOD will be posted in the gym.

The next CHALLENGE is THIS Saturday at the Cobb Galleria.

Atlantic Sports Events is hosting its first annual Atlantic Sports Expo August 1, 2009 at the Cobb Galleria.

The Event itself will offer:

  • Vendor Expo from 8:00am – 6:00pm
  • Submission Grappling Tournament
  • Cross-Training Fitness Challenge-(That's us!)
  • Judo Tournament
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar
  • Submission Grappling Seminar
  • Olympic lift seminar
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    1. Alright. I’m up and getting ready to run a 10K BUT it is raining. Don’t know if I’m up for an hour in the rain.
      Heal is bothering me a bit from yesterday too.
      I’m going to drink coffee and then see how I feel.
      Paleo meatballs and broccoli/carrot mash were good. http://www.paleofood.com
      ooh….I think I see lightning.

    2. Sean CFNFT says

      I’ve been running a lot with the CF Endurance workouts, so I decided against the 10k this morning.
      I figured I’d pull from the hopper deck for the alternate WOD…pulled “Joshie.” NOT FUN!

    3. ooh! we have not done one arm DB snatches is a LONG time. Good one.Good luck with the L-pull ups. Let us know how it goes.

    4. I can’t run for 90 days right now, so can anyone tell me what the Alt WOD is at CFNF today?

    5. today’s my kind of workout
      1 mile run
      50 sit-ups
      25 box jumps
      50 double unders
      1 mile run

    6. Thanks for the update. Not sure what I can do, since I can’t run. Maybe I can row or maybe today is just a rest day..either way..thanks again.

    7. Xena and I are meeting at the gym on Saturday at 8:15a I am sure all of you have signed up for Saturday! We are in the 9a -11a group…fyi

    8. It was fun, Hicky, to run in your dust. Thanks for the encouragement.
      Hope to see a bunch of you on Saturday morning.

    9. Xena… I just signed up for challenge so looking forward to working out with you…thanks Jpo for helping me..I always hate to do a running workout with Hicky but she is a good rabbit!!! sure you did great…I will do this today and see if I can beat your time

    10. also, my running SUCKS….so really need to work on this…

    11. Handsome picture Scruffy…

    12. You too Ms. Hagler

    13. Yea Hagler. Your looking badass with that 95 lbs.
      Going to do my 10k on the treadmill. Going to have to wait til this evening.
      Ryan doesn’t feel well. I think this is the first time
      he has not moved the whole day . Just sleepy and hot 🙁

    14. Austin McLean says

      I always wonder if Hagler actually wears shorts under her shirts!
      Freedom of movement is key 🙂

    15. Went for the 10K run. Did not get started til about 7;30. I ran for about 37 minutes. Did not get the 6.4 miles and am not sure about how far I got. I plan to finish the 10K for sure next time and practice in between. I did feel that my form was good. It was much less effortless and my cardio was good. My heal was really the problem and my shoulders???? Felt like they weighed a ton.
      See ya in the am.