Tuesday – WOD


See if it works now!!! Please click play above for audio.

"Helen"  3 rounds for time

400 m run

21 kettlebell swings

12 pull ups

Post time to comments.

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  1. I’m just sayin’…….
    I ain’t nobody’s b@#ch, except of course maybe a 6’5 240 strappingly good looking guy like Clyde!
    Thats called 249 the hard way! (229 w no hands)
    See ya for HELEN!

  2. Nice! Sort of a “Brokeback Mountain meets CrossFit” thing.

  3. Whew! Have not run in a while. 19:05 on Jumping Helen.Did reduce my time from last time by 35 seconds. Used 35#db for swings. It was pretty tough. Probably suck factor 4. See ya tomorrow everyone.Whit…you da man!

  4. No comment on the picture as that is my husband in the back! Whatever!

  5. What…is that a spotter I see?

  6. Hi guys!! Sorry I missed that RUNNING yesterday 😛 I have been slammed with new clients AND my new second business undertaking. HOWEVER, I shall return soon! I’ll be dropping by with a client/friend or two on Sat. around 10 am for our killer workout and free food! Who’s in?

  7. You save a man’s life and you get chastized for it.
    Sammy it was my pleasure to help you. Brad and Kim… It is now officially ON!!
    16 min and some change today. My running fit with my name.
    Brad…looking forward to you taking me to dinner April 1st.

  8. Now your dating Brad?

  9. WLL aka Turtle aka SweatMan gave Helen a what for today. I crawled in at 18 min and a little change but Brad was somewhere in the 15 min mark! WTG Bradley!
    p.s. gigi will be there on Saturday…I do not miss free beer and food!!

  10. Thanks gigi!!! Leader in the clubhouse….hired e counter for Sammy tonite.

  11. What’s the time to beat…. I’ll be meditating over it all afternoon!
    What’s the running course?
    15 sounds pretty tough!

  12. I don’t Want Rowing 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  13. I don’t Want Rowing 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  14. Brad…sign yourself up for that e-counter thing too.

    Thanks Pebbles. Way to give him the Bam-Bam!

  16. Kim the Pistol says

    I got 15:33 on this WOD on my watch, but ol Turle was a little sluggish on his watch. He clocked me in at 15:34, tying his score!

  17. I am sure it was 15:33 K-dog. NO sound yet but we are anxiously awaiting.

  18. all I wanna do is ride around [Salley] says

    4 hours later and I am literally still sweating…I think a combination of WOD and cutting my head open with the tailgate beforehand! Good thing I had Sammy setting the pace tonight (and Brad egging me on) or no way I would have done it…13:47 Rx.