DSC_0050 Pistol got "shamed " excited doing Tommy V!

HQ Rest Day.  Come make up "Michael"

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  1. Great job 6a class…XENA got A HUGH PR!!!! Woohoo!

  2. Ditto….Xena knocked almost 4 mins off her michael time!

  3. After looking at this picture…Pistol I understand why the leg was sore:)

  4. Thanks, peeps. As I told the 6am-ers, I felt like the Clydesdale behind Thoroughbreds, but hey even a Clydesdale can get a little faster, huh?

  5. If they are Thoroughbreds, and you are a Clydesdale, then that must mean that I am a big dumpy mule!!
    Good job Xena! Keep it up!!

  6. 6 AM was a very good group…stopped by today and bought the vibram five fingers…can’t wait to try them out tomorrow.

  7. Otherwise known as a jack@#$!

  8. There’s the love I was expecting!!
    For that Brad, I am going to go buy you a big block of that yummy, world famous bleu cheese!

  9. Makes me wanna throw up in my mouth just thinking about it!

  10. This WOD took me a while. 25:58 I think. yuk. Ready for tomorrow.
    Good to see everyone tonight and I enjoyed training Sherie and Walt!