CSC_0027  Pistol gets a dose of Fight Gone Bad from Frank at CrossFit Gulf Coast.

HQ Rest Day.  Come see what Pebbles has in store for you…

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  1. U R there without me???
    Did you say hi to pukie??

  2. Hey. I am soooo impressed about how hard all of you guys worked this week.
    Great job once again to day to everyone on the WOD. It was tough.
    Way to go DD on Murph. 55:00 even and that included 4 shoe changes and a short conversation about going on to do the whole Murph and not Mini Murph.
    It has been a pleasure to have Trey form Texas in our gym and we wish you luck back in Texas.
    Well, Mom and Dad are home now…so I look forward to working out along side of you all next week.

  3. Pebbles, thanks for being an amazing coach this week! You did a great job of keeping us all motivated and focused, even when CFNF was packed out with 15 people doing 3 different workouts. Thanks for all your time, good music, and encouragement!

  4. Pebbles, Mike and I both want to say thanks for what a great trainer you were this week. Plus, your music could basically have been the workout playlist off of my iPod. For someone who pretty much only had Disney and Baby Einstein a week ago, you did a great job with the music.
    Looking forward to seeing you back in the gym working out with us again this week. 🙂