_DSC0018  Pebbles, Coach Burgener & Pistol at the CrossFit Level 1 Olympic Cert in Augusta, GA

For time:
Row 500 meters
115 pound Push press, 21 reps
Row 500 meters
115 pound Push press, 18 reps
Row 500 meters
115 pound Push press, 15 reps
Row 500 meters
115 pound Push press, 12 reps

Post time to comments.

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  1. Oh Sweet!!! I love this WOD. This should be called Pebbles. Heavy Push Press and rowing. Gotta love it.
    Had a really good experience this week-end. Coach B is awesome and I learned a lot. It was a lot of fun to coach and help all those athletes on Oly lifting. Pistol you did an outstanding job.
    See ya later.

  2. Great Picture!

  3. Lucky Mike!

  4. i love this picture!
    pebbles, this IS your workout! you are going to set the bar for the rest of us today.

  5. Is 115 pounds RX for girls…

  6. Girls weight is 75 or 80 I cant remember. I used a mix ’cause we were sharing bars. I think I had 78 and 85. ANyway, of course I loved this WOD and I ALMOST beat Keith. Seconds apart. 17 something RX. Good luck everyone.
    Nice work everyone on the Burgener warm up and skill transfer exercises. They are no joke and something new and exciting.
    See you guys tonight.

  7. Well Keith is really been on it… Great job.. SO….the warmup is going to be a little different, I can tell already…

  8. Ok, i can finally muster the energy to type after this morning and my first RX with this weight! Thanks Brad for thinking I could do it and Thanks Nitro for getting me thru those last 12. I’m no Pebbles but since she is my hero, I’m workin’ on it!

  9. That wod was harder than it looked! Awesome job Breeze, Hagler and Pebbles! Thanks Ed for coaching us!

  10. Nice job Xena on the RX…someday i want to be pistol or pebbles too… maybe someday it will be Jpo and Xena everyone wants to be like:)Still leading even after the Competition

  11. Alright. What do Jpo and Xena want?

  12. what’s scary about Xena is, she gets stronger + meaner with every rep.
    what’s sexy about Xena is, she gets stronger + meaner with every rep.
    Xena, Kudo’s on your RX.
    Breeze, great WOD + the the box looks great.
    no. not your box, you girl – i’m talkin’ about the gym.

  13. pebbles + pistol:
    when’s your “Hot Chicks of CFNF Calendar” release date?
    is there an autograph party?
    will cocktails be served?
    no brad, you girl.
    you can’t be miss march.

  14. Big props to Brad for smoking today’s workout. I am not quite sure how you were able to get sub 13 min unless you are using JackStacked with ephedra but that is another story. Regardless, impressive effort.
    I really like the skill transition warmup. Most of the progress I’ve made with my Olympic lifts has come through these pre-workout drill work.
    Great job 5:45 class.

  15. Should have listened to Kim and done #63 and sacrificed time, but felt good and think I had good form with #53. There is always next time. When will I stop doubting myself?

  16. Great Pic ladies. Nitro, you crack me up. Very few men who could publicly love their wife as much as you do and still manage to attract all the ladies.
    I have not idea how Breeze did that WOD in 12 something. I am begging to wonder about Breeze. If he keeps this up he may look like this http://www.greggvalentino.net/index.php?q=gallery&g2_itemId=184
    Michael… I tried to keep up with you but you were just to strong.
    Great work Pebbles!!!!!!! Sexy and strong… a lethal combination.

  17. How could I have forgotten to congratulate Ms. Xena! I bow down to you! You rocked it today! Peaches and Joy got big fat rx’s too! I think Brad is cutting the jacked stack with a razor and then snorting it. He’s wiping his nose alot and he’s on fire in the gym!

  18. P.S. and GND got a Rx too! Steph had a day full of PR’s!

    Awesome job everyone today. Xena you are amazing!
    And you have the best cheerleader of anyone at cfnf. Glad Lt. Dan is back with us!

  20. Hagler, I just realized you actually did sub-20 min Wod! Remember, the weight plate broke and we spent over 10 seconds getting your barbell set up again, plus you add the fact you actually did more weight than the RX! I really think your time was closer to ~ 19:55. I can promise you the next time this WOD comes up you will hit under 19 minutes!
    Kimmer, thanks for letting me do the “B” warm-up three times.
    Brad (Crossfit Midtown Poster Boy), great f****** job today!

  21. G-dog,
    it’s true, the ladies do love the hunk of chunk you know as nitro.
    now, will you politely ask your wife to stop calling me.

  22. Great job 6:30 class. Brad thanks for pushing me through the workout. Pistol, loved the skills warmup!

  23. I was done after the warm up! Good times.