Olympic Lifting Class at 6:30pm

DSC_0135 Maryann is 70 years young and has a mean clean!

Rest Day.  Make up a missed workout or come see what is on the board.

Hate Running?  Check this article on Mark's Daily Apple.  Thoughts?



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  1. austinmclean says

    If you hate running you will keep running till you like it.
    per my Drill SGT

  2. Ha!
    That is such an awesome picture. Her power clean form is definitely better than mine.
    I am taking the rest day, plus our son Ryan is getting hearing aids today and that just makes me want to stay home and pout.
    See ya tomorrow.

  3. PS. The almond flour will be here today. Bring your containers to the gym.

  4. Great article…and “ammunition” for my running friends who don’t think what we do is enough of a cardio workout!
    Way to go Maryann

  5. Training slow makes you slow in life. So if you like running slow long distances, go for it, but its not going to help you in a CrossFit workout.

  6. Where do you guys get the Almond Bread recipe – is it the gluten free bread from Elana’s Pantry. I just (finally) went thru your entire blog and am taking notes!

  7. Yes. Elana’s 2.0 bread. We throw in a little soda water too. Makes it a little fluffier. Make sure you get the 2.0. Kim and Jpo have made this much more than i have so they may have some tips.

  8. This is for sure a whiteboard worthy quote

  9. Great Oly class Kim!
    The people that showed up tonight got a great oly class from Kim! I know we are all beat up, but the focus was on technique w/light weights. Hope to see more people next time. Crossfit’s SME (subject matter expert) on oly lifting has Kim assist in his oly cert. courses so take advantage of her knowledge! I have been to many CF gyms and trained with some monsters (CF Games competitors) and with the exception of people that have been oly lifting for several years, I have not seen a better/more natural lifter/teacher than Kim. The oly lifts, even if you are doing light weights, really do improve your performance!
    Get some!

  10. Kim, thanks so much for doing the oly class. My technique still needs a lot of work, but having a chance to work solely on that makes a big difference. Definitely worth the time!!

  11. Aw shucks, Ed, thanks!