Nooners Win!

_DSC0030Nice job, Nooners!

HQ Rest Day.  Come see what Pebbles puts on the board.

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  1. Jpo, your a machine. keep up the momentum. LOOKING GOOD!
    Kevin, best TGU’s I have seen. Maybe you can be like Jeff Martone from HQ and TGU your wife!

  2. Look… Its a group-ex class, but with weights.

  3. Thanks Pebbles!
    Nice workout today felt like I was in negotiations with pebbles this morning she kept trying to convince me this WOD was like Annie??? Hmmmmm It was actually was not that bad..
    Anyway congrats to the nooners and everyone else who showed up this past week for the challenge…I will say AM held their own and I think it is funny that the class with the “real Athletes” came in last sorry PMers
    Maybe next time

  4. You were TOTALLY negotiating. As I was writing the WOD on the board Jpo was making her suggestions…..
    here’s me: “no ,then double will be kind of like Annie”(her favorite WOD)
    here’s Jpo shaking her head: “I don’t see how this at ALL like Annie”

  5. PS. Has anyone seen my iPod…it’s white…sais iPod on it???/
    I think I left it there last week?

  6. Challenge must be over . . . no smack talk:(

  7. Hey..just FYI. I am coaching tonight. Class is at 5:30 and 6:30 as scheduled but for all you “early birds” I will not be to the gym until 5 to 5:15. I have to do the kid swap with Garrett first then head over. If you arrive before me you could run or something to start getting warmed up. I plan to be there by 5:15. See you tonight!!!!

  8. Congratulations noon crew on your victory.
    Is anyone interested in carpooling to Saturday’s challenge? I am planning to leave from the gym at 9 am on Saturday.

  9. Congratulations Nooners on your win. PMers put forth a valiant effort. Couple the fact we were out-staffed with getting the carpet pulled from under us by what used to be our friends (ehem…Michael and Stacy), and I’d say PMers did pretty darn well.
    Oh and by the way, i stick to my guns…PMers may not be able to beat twice as many AMers or three times as many Nooners at a Crossfit challenge where participation counts, but we are better athletes.
    Good work everybody and if one person can say they didn’t have any fun, than I apologize for having started the whole competition. And if you decide to complain about the workouts not being fun, just ask Andy how well that goes over

  10. I keep hearing the PMSers talk about how good looking they are, but if I’m not mistaken, this was a fitness competition. And the nooners and amers proved that they are fitter!

  11. I think we should all kiss and make up over margaritas, especially since I heard that tomorrow is someone’s birthday. Someone whose name begins with a “J” and ends with a “T” . . . . 🙂

  12. I won’t be back in town until Thursday 🙁
    We’ll have to put a Crossfit social gathering together for the Labor Day weekend

  13. There is no 10am class on Saturday due to the challenge. We will still have 8 and 9.

  14. Good idea JT! I might actually be able to show my face at a social gathering.