No Yoga Tomorrow!

_DSC0009One must always be camera ready!  It was great to have Gigi back in the gym, pink power puff gloves and all!

3 Power Cleans – 95/135
6 Front Squats (same weight)
9 Push Jerks
400 m run

Four rounds for time.  Post time to comments.
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  1. Dear Brad or Kim,
    I was checking out the Corporate site and their WOD looks great. Is it possible to do that as an Alt. WOD today? Please let me know. thanks.

  2. This looks like an AWESOME WOD. If could move my body I would do this. But us Strength Bias Girls are on rest day! Thank God. The 55 105# clean and jerks and chest to bar pull ups along with heavy deads have kicked my butt! I feel like I need 4 days.
    See everyone at 4:30.

  3. gigi is just able to move without moaning today!My asst’s last day was yesterday, so it’s been nuts as well! Trying to make it this afternoon….
    Go Pink Power!!

  4. Whew – this was tough, tougher than it looked for sure. But big thanks to Kim for her instruction on proper form and how to get that form. She is awesome! And great job 7am crew – we rock!

  5. Andy….shouldn’t be a problem, but pebbles runs the 4:30 show.

  6. Sean (Robin's son :) ) says

    4:30?! Geez…I workout at 5:30 and I thought I was crazy! Why even go to bed the night before??? Haha

  7. Thanks for working out with me Andy, that HQ WOD fried my shoulders!

  8. that’s pm silly sean .
    Good job Andy and Ed on the HQ WOD.
    It did look like it really fried ur shoulders.
    I saw Andy just completely stop moving hanging
    In the rings on one if his sets! Just dead!

  9. that WOD was really really difficult. That combo of exercises is designed to make it so you can’t lift your coffee cup the next morning. I was really surprised that it was so hard, but it was worth trying and it beat the heck out of running 400’s in the 99 degree heat.