No Yoga Tomorrow!



Five rounds for time of:
400 meter run
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

Post time to comments.

Be nice to your substitute teachers!  Big Ed, Heidi Dawson & Detrick Gates will be filling in for us while we are out of town starting this Saturday (with Ed).  Remember, no Yoga for the next two Saturdays!  

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  1. dang…. I hate to miss this one. OHS is my FAVORITE!

  2. Pebbles – of course you love this one! And of course I’m thinking, ‘crap – I’m leaving work early so I can work out tonight since I can’t get there Sat AM, and it’s 5 rounds of running.’ Brad & Kim may have to work late tonight!

  3. Anna….we have new bands!

  4. SWEET!
    So no more jungle-gym climbing up the sides to do negatives? That was kinda fun.

  5. Anna – did you say you were coming this afternoon, or no?
    BTW, you had great jungle gym technique!

  6. Probably going to swim right after work instead — very sore from yesterday. Though I’m tempted to stop by to play on the bands. I’ll be back next Thursday, most likely…

  7. I had fun doing the class with the 12:30 crew… Breeze was an animal on this one… My time was 30:21rx and my goal was 30 minutes. So, not too bad,…oh yeah…then there is the 10 rounds of sparring with Hicky who improved greatly as the week went on…RIGHT after class… I feel like I deserve a week off(so this means no burpees on the beach for me…just bushwackers..see everyone one at the beach. Hicky will only be around till April 15th, so make sure you get a chance to see her before see leaves again for her worldly travels to Asia.(Lucky girl..woman). Anyway, sorry for the long post..just wanted to say I had a great week at CFNF this week and feel confident in my workouts and my form and technique…but I want my times to get faster…Anyway, bring on spring break.

  8. …I can just imagine you saying all that without taking a single breath of air!

  9. hahahaha! Me too. Exactly what I was imagining too. So funny.

  10. Great job to the 4:30 class! Hoss, great job on the OHS. Andy, take a flippin’ day off this week! You deserve it, OK?
    Peggy, you had a huge improvement on your DUs. I’m jealous, I def. need to get with you on those. Great job on “Annie”!
    Just a reminder, the 4:30 class next Friday will be at 5:00.
    Also, the Sunday class at 10:00 is Open House. You are on your own if you are an experienced Crossfitter. However, if I have time, I would be open to working with you on skills (PUs/MUs/inverted burpees/handstands/etc.)