No Yoga Today



Hang power clean and jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Alt WOD will be posted in the gym.

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  1. Hey Ed – thanks for your help this morning. I might see you tomorrow.

  2. The WOD was “Christine”.
    Great job DD for scaling up!
    Whit, sorry, I suck. I owe you.
    Saw some PRs today. Stacy knocked Katie off the top spot and Blake gets the number 2 spot on the board. Great crowd for the 10:00 class. Also, thanks to Amy for staying behind and timing me and Michael. I was going in slow motion on the rower next to Michael. Seriously thought I was going to puke after the BJs on the second round.
    Loved watching Craig and Isaac going at it today. Isaac came sooooooo close to beating Craig.

  3. “the BJs on the second round.” Must resist the temptation to make an inappropriate comment…Can’t. hold. it.

  4. says

    so today was a rough workout Carrie and I had to race Hicky in shrimp peeling for time watchout board we kicked her ass..Peaches placed 1st Jpo place second!!! WOOHOO!!!