No Yoga this Saturday


Hang Power Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
An Alt WOD will also be posted in the gym.

Post loads to comments.

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  1. Impressive picture Gumby!
    Hicky and I did heavy deads today as well. I got 244 for 3. New PR by 4lbs for me. We also did “heavy Cindy”. Harder than it looked. (as usual right Hicky?)

  2. fyi, braves people, i’ll be at the the gym this evening, probably around 5:30. come pick up your tickets! i’ll also try to come tomorrow for the lunchtime class to put tickets in your hands. i got called out of town this weekend, but i would like to go ahead and distribute as many tickets/collect as much money as i can before i leave.

  3. Hey Braves people, I just bought a Blue lot parking pass, cost was 12.30. The lady at Publix said there were still plenty of passes left. I can either ride with someone or I can drive and take some people along w/ me.

  4. Did the HPS wod today. I stopped at 82. I wasn’t sure what I could do since I have never actually done these before. I did get a PR with 103 on the full snatch tho! woot woot! Meatball got up on the rings again today and moved up about an inch on the support position! She’s gonna get it soon! Peaches?

  5. I’ve got a Braves parking pass, too.

  6. Austin McLean says

    I will not be able to drive becuase I will be drunk 🙂

  7. Michael was getting ready to clean that right?

  8. Thanks to Brad for coaching me through the OHS. With persistence and increasing flexibility, I feel confident that my OHS will be in good shape by Labor Day.
    Miguel, to your dismay, I would love to have cleaned the weight but due to government regulations on horse steroids and HGH, I will have to wait to perform outside of the United States