No Yoga on Saturday

HeatherandMax Max is always so helpful!  HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board. 

ATTN:  The Saturday Yoga class is cancelled this week.

ATTN:  There will be a few minor Spring Break class changes.  Stay tuned for more info.

_DSC0017  Be sure and say hello to Aaron.  He is visiting us all the way from CrossFit Northern Ireland!  Welcome!

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  1. Peggalicious says

    I finally got my double unders without the extra single jump between every double – woohoo!!!!! They magically appeared in my second round yesterday.
    Thanks for the help Pebbles!
    See everyone tomorrow – I’m taking a much needed rest day today!

  2. breeze:
    thank you for putting me in the CF history book
    by naming today’s WOD “The Nitro”
    i must admit . . .
    i shed a small tear of happiness.
    but quickly wiped it away, because i don’t want
    Big Ed to see me cry.
    sorry i wasn’t there to do it.
    Xena, the Goddess that she is, let me sleep in.
    its been a tough week.
    but i will be there @ 9am tomorrow.
    Nitro shall rock “The Nitro.”
    Nitro (the Power bomb)

  3. would someone mind posting the alt wod? i’m not sure if i can stop by this afternoon but steph wanted me to send it to her.

  4. 3rds:
    25 wallballs 14/20
    25 DB swings 30/40
    25 box jumps
    block run

  5. oooohhh Breeze is gonna have your head for that Miguel.

  6. I know, he already send a copyright violation notice to my attorney.

  7. Yay! Peggy(very Girly yay of corse)