No Classes Saturday or Sunday!!

DSC_0009 Ryan Butch says "Daddy's here!"

HQ Rest Day.  Come see what Meatball puts on the board.

No Classes this Saturday or Sunday.  Join us at the Outdoor YMCA in Woodstock for the Garage Games!  The address is:  201 E Bells Ferry Rd, Woodstock, GA


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  1. Gosh! He looks os old. WHERE is my baby Ryan?

  2. I think I speak for the entire 6am class when I say we hate Meatball!!!
    j/k Meatball – we just hate what you put on the board, but we love you:)

  3. What is on the board today? I have to pick Sebastian up at the vet this afternoon and can’t make it in – didn’t know if I could modify the workout at home.
    BTW, yesterday’s WOD had a ‘suck factor’ of about 3 billion.

  4. Thanks! Good info!

  5. Sean CFNFT says

    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone from CFNF at the Garage Games this weekend! We are bringing up a pretty big group. I’m pumped!