Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
Max rep Pull-ups

Post number of pull-ups completed for each round to comments.

Compare to 070927.

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  1. Kim, thanks for the special attention with my snatch!! Ha! Ha! No really, thanks for coaching this morning!

  2. Thanks for being the man this morning Austin. It was fun, except I still think it’s crap that I didn’t get credit for my last run, but whatever. I still did it and that’s what counts:)

  3. Kim, thanks for working out with me and pushing me on my s***** a** running. Great Job Hicky!!! Marc, really good job for a civilian!
    Which reminds me, Marc is leaving us very soon to start his Marine Corps career. He will first go through 10 weeks of O.C.S. (basically, ”boot camp” for future Marine officers, but is probably twice as physically intense as boot camp while averaging 2-3 hours of sleep each night). Then he will go through T.B.S (the basic school) which is 6 months of training focusing on all aspects of Marine training with emphasis on combat arms training. This school has always been taught at an accelerated pace and has been compared to the first year of law school. After this he finally goes to school for his selected job the Marine corps assigns to him.
    I just want to wish Marc and his wife all the best.
    Semper Fidelis.

  4. A little upset with myself today:
    Finished round 1 and 2 with 60 pullups in a little over 6 minutes. But could not get my body to run after that. I ran down the hill and walked up the hill during the next three rounds. And I only had 20 seconds left on the clock to do pullups for my last round..
    I wished I was able to run the whole time and get in a 6th round. Could have had a great score I think. Those butterfly pull ups finally caught up with my hands too, got an alright tear out of it. Fun WOD though. I was gunnin for you Ed, just couldn’t get it done during the runs. Great Score

  5. Well done lads! Those are impressive scores. I really wanted to get a few more rounds in, but felt a bit sluggish this morning. Ohh well… gives me something to beat next time.

  6. Thanks Ed! My last day in the gym will be October 1st and then I hit the road the next day to report by the 4th.
    I have come a long way in the short 2 months that I spent at the gym thanks to Kim, Brad, and everyone that shows up! My experience has been nothing short of phenomenal and it really is a big dysfunctional Crossfit family.
    As for the pull ups today… Holy Crap! Where y’all doing chin to bar or chest to bar? If that is chest then I am seriously far behind lol…

  7. Well my chest gets pretty high over the bar with the butterfly but I don’t actually touch my chest to the bar. Pretty sure ed does chest to bar too. But we actually kip. I don’t think I have seen you kip yet. You gotta keep them strict so it doesn’t mess you up when you are doing them as someone is screaming in your ear 🙂

  8. Marc,
    your pull ups were all from a dead hang! You have awesome strict pull ups. It would be A WHOLE different ball game if you kipped. PLUS you did 30 snatches before that. Great job on both WODS today. We will miss having you around.

  9. Pistol, nice work on the snatches. 77lb looked like 55lb to you. Good form. It’s all about the technique…and your doing it well.
    See ya tomorrow.

  10. My WOD today:
    2 hrs of banging head against wall while dealing with Dell Support
    1 million fist clenches and eye rolling while on the phone with Microsoft Tech support.
    2 Rounds—-
    I guess the head banging knocked something loose as I figured out a way around the compatibility issue on my own!!
    Evening WOD:
    3 beer curls
    3 wine curls
    Repeat if needed…

  11. Great job Austin! My PUs were almost identical to yours (35,24,21,etc). I had 2 minutes left and decided to end it there since I probably would not have finished the run in time to get even 1 PU. Maybe I whimped out, or maybe I played it smart. My PUs were chin over bar with some being really high (bar to lower chest) while others I just barely got my chin over the bar. Kudos to Marc for doing dead-hang PUs. They are harder and much, much slower.
    Who is up to getting together soon and sending Marc off to the Corps? At the least, I would love to buy you (and your wife) a beer and wish you fair winds on your journey.

  12. Great job to everyone at the 5:15 workout.
    It was great to do regular pullups after three weeks of assisted pullups.
    Ed, I agree with you that we should try and plan something for Marc.
    Marc, best of luck at OCS.
    Si vis pacem, para bellum

  13. I wanted to touch base since the Challenge. You guys did an amazing job & represented your gym with some serious CrossFit love! Kim, thank you so much for keeping in touch w/ Carrie. It means a lot! I’m going to try really hard to get down there to visit, learn a few things & work out w/ you guys soon.
    Brad, I hope that your back is doing better!

  14. Did this workout last night at Lassiter High School. The stadium lights were on giving me a “Friday Night Lights” flashback from several decades ago….Got 6 rounds + a little. 92 total pullups. It was much, much tougher training alone than with a group.

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