DSC_0094 Nice to see Campbell back in the gym!

Haitian Relief WOD tomorrow at 9:00am!  We are partnering up with APPEN Newspaper's CARE Program.  All proceeds will be given to CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty.  Heats start at 9:00am.  Bring a friend!  

FRIDAY 100129

10 minutes Handstand push-ups
5 minutes Squats
2 minutes Pull-ups
1 minute Push-ups

Russ Greene 359 reps (20lb vest). Josh Everett 357 reps. Post reps to comments.

Garage Games
Stringer, Michael, Blake, Pistol and Tyler are in?  How about you? 


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  1. I am doing a sandbag workout around noon today at Wills Park
    WOD 3 Rounds for Time
    10 Sandbag Getup (5 each Side)
    Hill Sprint with Bag
    10 Clean and Press
    Hill Spirnt with Bag
    If anyone is interesed, give me a call 404-216-6611

  2. Woohoo. Good to see Tyler in the games. Can’t wait to see you guys compete.

  3. Tyler and I did the second day WOD of the Garage Games last night…Tyler smoked it. The run was the hard part…going to see the Chiro today…

  4. Would anyone be interested in doing a half or full day of paintball sometime soon on a weekend? Here are the approximate prices that would include full equipment, field, air, and paint.
    Rent equipment: half day $50-$60
    Full day $65-$80
    if you own equipment
    Half day $40-50
    Full $55-70
    Of course if enough people own their own equipment we could just by paint and air and go some random place and play and avoid the field fees.

  5. Dear CrossFit HQ,
    Thanks for the raging headache.
    This WOD was interesting. Meatball and I did a little experiment. For squats, she did faster squats with a few breaks and I did slower paced squats but did not take any breaks and we both scored right at 150. I always find I am not sore if I do high reps a little slower with no breaks. Of course the goal would be to spped up the pace a little and still not stop.
    Nice RX HSPU btw Meatball. I did mine in the bands. Still tough for me!
    If anyone comes up with a FUN idea for a week-end activity please let me know…..paintball, warrior runs, trail and sandbag running…blah! Can’t we all just meet and snatch and clean and jerk?

  6. what was your time? i just did it today

  7. Jonah would like to and I imagine you could get some of his cronies to join in too. I would also imagine that Justin would want to too!