DSC_0048 Nice rack.

Back Squat

3 sets of 5 reps

Met Con:

5 Rounds:  10 KB Swings/10 Ring Push Ups

Gymnastic:  5 Muscle Ups


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  1. You’re just a badass Caswell!

  2. 5 M/Ups after that workout is gonna be tough.

  3. Mr. Clean!

  4. Bet you didn’t even get that for one Caswell.
    Did the pre noon class today. Breeze did not do the RX weight for ring push ups so his time which beat me does not count.

  5. Stringer says

    looks like a fun workout

  6. Would be happy to do it again with a 50lb vest…that would make us bout equal right? Lard ass!

  7. Do I get some dumbo ears because it is an unfair advantage when you flap yours to get off the ground on your push ups.

  8. Do you feel that is more of an advantage than your “pinnochio” nose to the floor?

  9. But on to more important things….bet I can drink more beers and eat more gluten than you at the beach!

  10. That is the pot calling the kettle black there Mr. Long nose.

  11. You will never be able to drink more than me.

  12. seriously, can you guys just kiss and make up? i don’t like it when you fight!!!

  13. Creative

  14. I think it’s hilarious! I look forward to these blog days!