DSC_0006_edited-1   Nice rack, Heather! 


Squat clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Alt WOD:  The Burgie (courtesy of Mike Burgener)


DB Burpee/Thrusters
Pull ups
Ball Slams

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  1. Alright! See u guys tonight.

  2. Looks like we need another challenge! The blog has few comments!

  3. That workout sounds painful!

  4. Blog Blog Blog….

  5. Anyone do this yet???? Times???

  6. took the day off…

  7. 20 and change. Miguel was hot on my tail the whole time. Those burpee thrusters were no joke.
    Kim you completely ignored me today and Brad was well…..just Brad. Almost kicked Otis and came close to getting in a fist fight with Sniper.
    All in all a typical day at CFNF.

  8. Gdog..do not mess with Otis.

  9. Great job tonight, everyone!
    Peggy, you didn’t lose on squat cleans…my form wasn’t good enough to get 76, and I know it’s all in my head. I’m strong enough to do more, but I over-think it and can’t get aggressive enough.
    Thanks, Sniper, for your help…I’ll get it right eventually with more practice on the form.

  10. If ANYONE messes with Otis…there is going to be TROUBLE…..