Nice pic!!  

Sorry for the late post.  HQ rest day.  CFNF Alt WOD:



OHS  135/95

This Saturday at 9:00am we will be hosting a Fundraising WOD for Haitian relief!  Bring a donation and a friend!!!  All affiliates are welcome!  The WOD will be:

500m Row
20 OHS 135,95
30 Box Jumps
40 KB Swings (2 pood)
50 Double Unders
800m run

 Garage Games
Saturday February 6 & 7th.  Check here for info.  So far Stringer, Pistol and Blake will be competing.  Who's with us???

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  1. Reeaaalllly nice picture to start the morning. Altho my resolution was to post my results here, I was so pitiful this morning on Jeremy that if I ever refer back to this date, all I will know is that I will have improved, cause there is no way I could get any worse. Thanks for the coaching, Brad, sorry for all the collective bitching of the 6am crew!

  2. I am proud to say that it was not me who started the bitching this morning…I told Brad I liked the wod…:) If you ever attend 6a that is a BIG deal!
    great job this morning everyone!

  3. This is my favorite WOD. Going to try to squeeze it in after O lifting and before kid pick up.

  4. I only hope that I can look as good as Blake one day

  5. you’re gay

  6. Breeze or Pistol I was wondering if you have any white crossfit north fulton water bottles I could buy for Saturday’s Fundraiser?

  7. i miss yall so much! stupid flu! waaaa im getting fluffy

  8. LOVE the new FB page!

  9. We have a bunch you can have.

  10. Poooodle.

  11. Fun day in the gym. Mike’s Gym WOD was a little tricky. It ended with push presses which are my favorite. Got to 135 and it was easy so that is good!
    I did fit in Jeremy afterwards. Managed a PR on that one so that was fun.
    Great to see everyone at noon.
    I am excited for those who have signed up for the garage games. Way to go!
    I’d like to O lift tomorrow again before the 11:30 class if anyone is interested.

  12. Awesome lunch time workout…5:17 RX Jeremy. Pistol smoked me at 5:01RX…Wow!

  13. It was great to be back at the gym today! Did the WOD and almost died…had trouble breathing afterward! I was lucky to see Kim and Pebbles crush their previous times…Awesome job Ladies!!!
    Thanks Spider and Caswell for looking out for me today…Appreciated!!