DSC_0014 Nice form, Amy!

OHS – 3-3-3-3-3

Post loads to comments.

Alt WOD:

1000m Row
then 5 Rounds of the following:

20 Double Unders
10 Wall Ball 2fers
10 Standing Broad Jumps

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  1. Finally!! Somebody captured Amy’s good side! LMAO
    Now you know that there is no way that I could go without posting a comment on that pic!!
    Lookin’ good Amy!

  2. Nice pic!

  3. Are we doing HQ’s WOD?

  4. I put more dairy info for you to check out on my blog today. It is a quick article that explains a lot well. I did not write it but got it from livingpaleo.com.
    My blog link is to the left.
    The post before the dairy one is about the danger in grains if you want to read that too.
    Don’t worry, there will be no posting on dangers of red wine or vodka!!!!!

  5. loved the alt wod! as always great job 6a!!!

  6. Have you seen Food, inc. yet? I am never eating a fast food hamburger again…

  7. good!
    I have seen parts of that. Kim watched the whole thing recently. yuk!

  8. HEEEYY!

  9. I have made a choose not to watch the until after the holiday’s the things I hear are just scary!

  10. Ho Ho Ho!!

  11. The part that I was blown away by was that one of the four major meat distributors (BPI) bleaches meat with Amonia to kill ecoli. The reason they bleach it is bc cows that only eact corn cannot get rid of this bacteria from their system. This bleached meat then gets packed into 70% of all fast food beef. Now go run get a cheesburger from McDonalds!

  12. Your right. Cows that are not grass fed get dissenterre from eating grains which is why they are so injected with antibiotics. yuk!

  13. Fun alt WOD. Garrett crushed me. I am ok with that and totally aware of the fact that “I am not a good jumper”. Unless it is a jump rope….I just don’t have the “hops”. Liked this WOD though. I ran instead of rowed………… just cause.
    See ya tomorrow.

  14. Ed…….Thank You for the help in the rings! Excellent advice. I am so happy that I can now muscle up and front lever. 😉

  15. Both wods were super fun! We hadn’t done 2fers in a while. I knocked myself in the head a few times. It was a lot harder with the orange ball than it was when I demonstrated with the light blue ball. Got 145 OHS for 3 and 150 for 2!
    Btw, Breeze cooked up a mess of grass fed/pasture raised (that I actually found at Costco) beef for lunch. The difference in taste is amazing. It was so much better than the beef we used to buy. I can’t even walk into the grocery anymore and buy the meats they sell in there. It grosses me out. And don’t even get me started on the chicken.

  16. We’ll let you know next time we buy a cow, if you’re interested. The beef is so yummy and not as expensive as we thought.