Nice finish on that pull, Amy!

HQ rest day.  We decided to pull a member's name out of the fish bowl to decide the workout of the day.  Whoever's name was pulled got to pick their favorite workout.  DD's name was drawn and the workout he picked is…..


1 mile run

100 Pull Ups/200 Push Ups/300 Squats

1 mile run

There will be a 9:00am workout today with Ed.  Ed will also be working out too at 10:00am if anyone would like to join him.  Take note that he will be working out at 10 so there will be no instruction.  Game on!

Here's the Spreadsheet for today.  As of Sunday the scores are:  AM:83   Nooners:91    PM:77


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  1. Hey Ed, is there any way to get in there after 10? I really wanted to do Murph, but can’t get there before 11:30 due to Church. IF not then is what it is, but if its possible let me know. My phone number is 770-861-1643 so if you want to text me or call me at that number and let me know it would be great.

  2. Sorry Andy, I need to be out of the gym by 11:30.

  3. no sweat. thanks anyway.

  4. Huge day for the AMrs! Xena probably has more heart than anyone in this gym! DD had a huge PR. Peaches has awesome form the entire WOD. Anna did a modded Murph due to her injured arm and NN Dan did a 1/2 Murph. I was over 2 minutes off my PR, but I’ll take it considering my running was starting to feel a little better today. If my running was at the level it was 5 months ago, I prob would have been pretty to close to my PR.

  5. Hey Nooners, if I did the math right, the AMrs got 11 pts today with merely 3 people.

  6. What happened to everyone who said they were coming in today?

  7. SOOOOO proud of the am crowd….Great job and great job to all who just showed up!

  8. Thanks, Ed. Pretty proud of taking 8 minutes off of my last Murph. Even tho I was calling DD bad names for picking Murph, I heart him for showing up for the AMers and getting an awesome time. Peaches, renamed Princess Watermelon for this workout, had never done a full Murph before and she was amazing as always. Anna, good job on your hybrid Murph/Michael. And NND put in an incredible effort for his team (Muskrat Love I believe) as well.
    The best part was when I had breakfast after at the corner deli the waitress asked me if I had been painting cause I was covered in white (chalk) and red (blood).

  9. Great job everyone! Thanks for the support Ed!! You guys amaze me every time I come in!! You all kick @ss! Don’t look back though……I WILL be coming up behind ya before too long! PEACE!
    …..looking forward to tomorrow! If I can walk, I will be in!

  10. Xena,
    it is so funny you say that because I went to the nail salon after friday’s wod…lunges,pull-ups sit-ups…and the nail tech asked if I had been painting??? That’s funny…what’s funnier…when I told her it was chalk from doing pull-ups…she looked at me like I was crazy…..Crossfit…you JUST have to be there!!!

  11. Dan…
    I met you at the Cobb galleria challenge…I was 39…anyway, I haven’t seen you at the gym but SO GLAD to hear you are coming …great job….P.S.You probably hated doing Murph(because I do, I hate running)…but what a feeling when you finish…no matter what time..Great job Dan…by the way, have you seen Amy…I miss her…