DSC_0013 Nice dips, Nitro aka Xena's willing man servant!  The great thing about CrossFit is that it's universally scalable, even if you have a "gimp" wrist.

Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

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  1. I love split jerks but am taking a rest day. Garrett and I plan to Clean and Jerk heavy this week so I will split then. I am at 138 for push jerk and split jerk but really want to hit 155.
    Congrats again to all who did Murph. I feel pretty good and only my back is a little sore…and maybe legs a little.
    I learned a lot from watching DJ. His butterfly kip, and kipping push up and squat form are the way to do Murph for sure! You and Big E had just amazing times. It was less than half of mine. I think you guys need a vest next time!
    Not going to b bale to Oly lift today Pistol. I am going to do it this week just not sure when.
    Have a great day everyone. It s supposed to be great weather the rest of this week. I hope so and if it is I say “bring on the running”
    Oh! and YAY Burpees!!!!

  2. I’m with you on the rest day. My students think I’m hungover today from St. Paddy’s partying but I’m actually hungover from Murph. They’re giving me a hard time but after I told them what I did and showed them my ripped hands, I think they believed me. Plus I can’t put on my wedding rings today! (I guess all of that still could mean a crazy night of poker…especially with my ripped knee and all…)

  3. Look, the 100day burpee challenge is now mainstream!
    Well at least as mainstream as this website goes.

  4. Anna, I am now singing OAR’s “Crazy Game of Poker” to myself.
    Again, nice job to everyone who completed Murph yesterday, especially all you new people, and DJ who worked out alone while we drank his beer 🙂

  5. I am taking day off today..but will finish rest of week strong, as I feel guilty for not going today..My body is sore but my back and shoulders and biceps feel strong!!! And my chest is standing tall…I love this crossfit S**T….as always, I am grateful for such a crazy family we have become..and appreciate how we keep each other accountable..Thanks Kim for CONSTANTLY keeping me on track…Spring Break BI*CH*S!!!!!

  6. Nitro, you get some serious cred for working with an injury. Anyone can push themselves when they are fresh and healthy. But only those with true “intestinal fortitude” are capable of doing it!
    I’ll miss you today Sexy Legs. Maybe I should start calling Hagler Sexy Beast.

  7. Is everybody hung over today? From St Paddy’s or Murph? It’s like a ghost town up in here! Oly practice with Sniper was fun. My snatch needs more fine tuning…

  8. Peggalicious says

    No hangover for me – Murph about killed me yesterday, but I’m good to go today! My legs are a tad sore when I sit (which means tomorrow will really suck), but otherwise I feel good – and I survived Murph so I’m quite happy! See you at 5:45.

  9. There is a JOKE in there somewhere…but I will keep it clean..

  10. Freikn hurtn today…not sure if more from JT or Murph…… but having a blast watching Furman get electricuted by our new invisible fence!
    Had fun this morning changing all the records on the board from Murph…keep em coming people!
    Thanks for the Guiness last night DJ!

  11. Was it along the lines of, “That’s what she said?” Because that is definitely not what I was thinking.

  12. I’m with Peggy! I’ll see you at 5:45!

  13. That’s funny bout the furmonster. I hope he visits soon!
    See ya at 7:15.

  14. Great job to everyone at the 5:45 workout.

  15. BROKE DOWN. JT and Murph back-to-back is no joke. At least the 3 Modelos and 5 Black & Tans made helped… See you Friday (maybe another repeat of Workout, Drink beer, watch Basketball?)