_DSC0022Nice bandanna?

One round for time:

400m run
50 box jumps
50 squats
50 double unders
800 m run
40 box jumps
40 squats
40 double unders
stop sign run
30 box jumps
30 squats
30 double unders
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  1. One of these days, I’m going to figure out DUs.

  2. I like how you colour coordinated your bandana with your shirt!

  3. i think that is called “pulling a katie.” this is further support for ‘dress like another member day.’

  4. It’s thew newest Olympic sport! Synchronized pushups. Its not like inline speedskating is going to get in for next time anyway.

  5. Took me 6 months, and I still could only get 15 at a clip.

  6. At least their entire outfits don’t match like some other members… ::cough:: GND and Meatball ::cough::

  7. Hey guys, just thought I’d promote my former sport of choice for over 14 years(inline speedskating). Our outdoor inline speedskating nationals has live video coverage for today if ya’ll want to check it out: http://events.usoc.org/rollersports/

  8. Austin McLean says

    I don’t know if “nice bandannas” was the first that came to mind when I saw this picture.

  9. Easy Austin!

  10. Yep.