Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:
2 Muscle-ups
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 2-Pood Kettlebell swings

Post rounds completed to comments.  Last day of the Challenge, people!  I think margaritas are due!

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  1. I agree with Big Ed, we all should go DRANKIN. It’s like drinking, but classier, and more badass.

  2. Great job this morning AMers! Way to bring it home!!
    And yes, margaritas! Many, many margaritas!!!!

  3. Peggalicious says

    Ouch – my butt hurts from yesterday. And my shoulders.

  4. How about I just hurt from yesterday?
    I’m just thankful I can still walk.

  5. who else is going to the thing sat? i could be convinced to go if lots of people are going.

  6. So far I have:
    You in GND? Also, they prefer we pay before Saturday so please get and their blog and click the Paypal link.

  7. Hahahaha!

  8. Sounds fun. Good luck everyone.
    Feeling better. Will be in soon I think.

  9. Hey Pistol! I paid for this event…. will they already have my name or do I need to sign up somewhere else???

  10. and me!

  11. Nooners just laid the smack down on you AM’r and PMS’rs! Big Ed came in at 15 rounds, Breeze at 10 and Andy at 7! I got 12! JT, what you gonna get?
    Xena – got you on the Garage list!

  12. Anyone heard from JT today? He has been awefully quiet. Poor little red-headed PMSer. Nooners rule!…and AM rocks too!

  13. Just wanted to say that the 5pm class is late b/c of me! I asked Stacy to cover tonight thinking (hoping!) it was Thursday! Sorry to all that was there waiting at 5! I promise it’s not a conspiracy!

  14. Everyone that SHOWED UP tonight did a great job! Peggy and Anna both got 11 rounds. Way to go ladies!!
    I don’t know what was up tonight but the PMers seemed to have fizzled out at the end of this challenge!
    WOOP! WOOP! Nooners rock!!

  15. Will there be an 8am class Saturday or is it cancelled due to the challenge?
    This was my first go at Nate. 6 rounds + 1 MU RX. That kettlebell is no joke. Sore all over.

  16. 8 and 9 on sat but no 10

  17. had fun with Peggy tonight — the ONLY other PMer at 5:45.
    and now that you can bounce a quarter off my hindparts, BEER. and margaritas.