_DSC0044 My teachers never looked this tough!

Block Run
30 Burpees
400m Run
20 Burpees
800m run
10 Burpees

Post time to comments.

As of yesterday, the Pimps are in the lead 45 to 32!  Can they hold on to it?

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  1. ummm…yeah, it’s a given that we’ll hold on to the lead, because we are going kick some Vice ass today, biatches.
    And the btw, it looks like Vice could take a lesson from the Pimp Law. #1–SHOW UP!

  2. Vice is going to BRING IT tonight.
    The past couple wODs left me in some pain!!!! Sorry Vice but I walked the runs today. Having a tough am.
    Thanks for the stretching Pistol. If you are really tight…you should hire her. She is a good stretching coach.

  3. All right Vice, let’s show the pimps what we can do today. I’ll be in at 6:30 to do clean up, looking forward to some burpee action.
    IT’S ON!

  4. I’ve been such a bad pimp not coming in this weekend. To my defense… I haven’t been in to learn Law #1! I will definitely be in tonight!

  5. Apologies to my Law and Order Vice brethern and sisters for not showing up the last couple of days but an ankle injury that appears eerily similar to the one that the Wicked Witch of NorthFulton (aka- Pistol) was suffering from has kept me sidelined. I am beginning to wonder if she has cast a spell on me to protect her team’s slim lead.
    I expect to return tomorrow to try and make a go of it to support my team and give the Pimps the Slappin’ they deserve.

  6. Any other day this would have been a fun WOD, but after the last 2 days this one killed me. Thank goodness Katie, Andy and Blake are on my team. You 3 studs should have some great times today. Just don’t walk the last run like I did.

  7. feelin the pressure… it’s on at 5:45 πŸ™‚

  8. C’mon Vice.
    let’s kick some durty pimp ass.
    who want’s to join me @ the Tuesday 6 am WOD?
    nitro (the early bomb)

  9. I am so glad we have our own personal Cinderella to come in and clean things up. The floors could definitely use some vacuuming. I am sure Pistol and Breeze, who are both Pimps, will be happy to let you do that.
    Pimps, way to represent at the 12:30 today!

  10. Go Team Pimp: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhfPhhbO9NA&feature=related
    Or this if that link doesn’t work
    Like A Pimp – David Banner

  11. 2nd link from above: Typepad has embedding disabled.
    Actual link: http://www.imeem.com/turner65/music/7mSm77eX/david-banner-like-a-pimp/

  12. Great job to Blake and JT for smoking the workout.
    The new burpee rule is Kim has to see your nipple to make it count.

  13. Thanks to the 6:30 crew for waiting for me to start the WOD. You guys are awesome!
    Vice members, we need participation points! I want to see everyone’s sweaty ass at the gym this week. We have a lot of people that haven’t made an appearance yet.
    Brad suggested I start calling people out on the blog, but I know it’s not gonna come to that.
    Bring your game on!

  14. this tough teacher would like a score update, please. blake and jt, way to crush that workout today. i feel like the vice squad made a strong comeback today…