Shoulder press 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Push press 3-3-3-3-3 reps
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments.   Burpee Challenge Day 17.  Buy in is136.

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  1. Hey. Thanks Austin… this is my favorite. I have no idea what time I will be in today. It is looking like this evening.
    Would love to squat clean and do this so we will see.

  2. Lookin’ GOOD Pistol! Make sure that toe touches first! See ya at 12:30

  3. Hey everyone! As you all know Hickinator’s fight is on the 8th November, naturally after her fight she will want a stiff drink. Therefore the after party will be held at Casa Del Cooke!
    The address is: 765 Old Saddle Lane, Alpharetta… all are welcome – family,friends.. everyone! Please let us know if u can make it just so we can have a rough head count. Hope to see you all there!

  4. Good job at the 12:30 today, Spider, Ed, and Gigi.
    As I told Kim, it’s great to be doing these workouts with more than the body bar. Then I did 53 on shoulder press and she told me I’m not allowed to use the body bar anymore, ha!
    Jenny, Mike and I are planning on going to the fight, so count us in for the after party. Looking forward to watching Hicky kick a**!

  5. I will be there. Having drinks before, during and after the fight. count me in.
    see everyone tonight

  6. ditto

  7. Great job late night crew.
    Miguel…glad your still alive.
    150 for the shoulder press, 165 for the push press and 165 for the push jerk. now my back hurts…

  8. Great WOD today. Always a CFNF favorite. Big Fat PR to Simone today! You rocked it! Miguel, I too am glad your still alive! See ya’ll tomorrow. I hope we get to run….Kirtley, count us in.

  9. Kirtley, is the party right after her fight or after all of the fights? If the former, then by all means count me in to be there.
    Miguel, what happened? Was it as bad as what Spider and I went through at the 12:30 class? Austin, check out navyseals.com crossfit forum and let me know what you think. Would love to have a partner and do some of their WODs.

  10. Also, just wanna say that Simone did great at the 12:30 class today! Huge flippin’ improvements in a very short time frame!
    Are people going to the fight going to dress normal? Or should we all wear some Crossfit shirts/hats/etc.?

  11. Gigi..beach bum says

    Fun day…great job Simone!! Big Ed, impressive…. Spidey Man…bring some shoes will ya? Great job yourself, even if you were stealing my weights all the time!! Appreciate the education today too on the superman and kryptonite..ROFLMAO!!!
    sorry to miss your fight and the party Hickey…I know you’ll kick some major a**!!

  12. Thanks Pistol, and Austin.
    BigEd, I’m still not sure what happened, I was near the top, of the push press, and then the room went all sideways. I had no time to dump.
    I’m fine. I think back may be sore tomorrow from flexing it backwards, but so far no issues. Just a small ting of pain.

  13. Hey….Fun night.I was dragging A$$ when I walked in with a slightly bad attitude, but GND and Care Bear made it fun. Thanks Care Bear and Austin for the Cirque Du Soliel (or however you spell it) show.
    GND and Care Bear….girlfriends you are strong.
    Way to go Austin and Miguel….everyone was working hard. Glad to hear Spidey and Miguel are still alive.
    Pistol and Sniper were jerking some serious weight too.
    Not my best overhead day, so I should probably think about eating more than Chex Mix and grits for the past two days.
    See ya tomorrow.