Happy Valentine’s Day!

Seven rounds for time of:
95 pound Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 10 reps
10 Ring dips

Post time to comments.

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  1. Alright…I am on day 7 so I am taking the day off. Does the challenge end today or tomorrow?
    GREAT week everyone.

  2. Excellent job Don! Way to smoke this workout!

  3. Congrats to Trego for an awesome RX on FRAN!! I am so proud and in awe of her progress!!

  4. DD and Don were winners in the RX department. You two must have had some fast ring dips. Slow day for us Jack Stackers……WTF?????????
    Good to see Xena and Nitro. Xena you look amzing. Nitro you are quickly out punting your coverage. She always was, but is now more than ever out of your league.
    UP yours Breeze. Pistol you are still my favorite SH especially on this day.
    Happy Valentines Day Pebbles. To the best wife and Mom ever!!!

  5. xena… your video was inspirational in my workout today!! i am honored to have finally met my fearless leader and proud to be a member of such a strong and spirited team. go warriors!!

  6. WARRIORS!!! Your princess is overwhelmed with gratitude for the effort in today’s skirmish!! One of our field scouts informed me that our worthy opponent’s lead has been reduced to only 2 points with one day left in the war!!!
    That, my fellow soldiers, is a show of sheer will and strength. Our opponent may have more ‘Generals’ (aka Trainers: Pistol, Breeze, Pebbles, Hagler) on their side with their places in both RX and SC, but the Warriors have heart. Even though we may not have as many placers, what we have is priceless. We have those brave souls who will show up just to put up the participation points to better themselves in mind and body. Every single Warrior has made such a difference. And remember, there is still that participation 5 point bonus to be awarded.
    Wild Thing, you and your dish pan hands are amazing. Simon, you were an awesome SDHP partner today. Steph, even tho we just met today, I can already tell you are an animal. Hoss, you are a valuable Warrior. Trego, it was inspiring to watch you beat down Fran. Breeze, altho you are not officially a Warrior, I feel you are with us in spirit; you are ‘strong like bull’;)
    To my opposing war-lord, G-Dog. I know at this juncture, we are rivals. However, I am honored to have gone into battle with you and feel that we have both done our best to be inspirational leaders to our respective teams.
    Now, Warriors, there is but one day left in this war. I know my First Knight Nitro and I will be at the box tomorrow, what about you?
    p.s. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! xoxo

  7. What’s the score today?

  8. Jack Stack is up by 2 pts. but I am not sure of the exact score.
    See everyone tomorrow. I will be rested and ready to rock!
    Thanks G-dog for the props. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. We are heading out for a picnic at the lake.

  9. Kim & Brad–Thanks for a great WOD! I felt very welcomed when I walked into the door. Love the quote “Check your ego at the Door”–perfect for CF!
    I will see you tomorrow. Can I bring my 13-yr old nephew to the Beginners Class tomorrow?

  10. We noticed the point spread and saw Jack Stack could use a little help!! Katie and I are would like to help….We will be doing 100 burpees for points and we will video it for proof!! Lets Go Jack Stack!!!!