Monday WOD


Jonah shrugs it up. 


Run 3 K

Post time to comments.  Alternate WOD will be posted in the gym.

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  1. Love the Burgener work out. Great job Laura, Joy and Ray.
    Marc smoked the running work out and Nadler did too I am sure.
    See ya tomorrow.

  2. Great job to everyone at the 6am workout.
    Hickey, congratulations on demolishing everyone on “Burgie”. Your performance serves as motivation for me to improve my own performance.
    Look forward to seeing everyone later on this week.

  3. And great job to everyone at the 7am workout, too!!! Oh, wait . . . . . I was the only one at the 7am workout. So great job to me!!!

  4. You go Xena. I have taken a liken to 8:30 :). But I will be in at 7am often.

  5. Thanks CFNF for sparing Austin last week!! Austin, we really appreciate the coverage, we owe you big time. Can’t wait to meet you this weekend, we heard great things about you from COAST 2 COAST….Later!!