Monday Rest Day


Thank you Jenny for helping us organize on Saturday!

If today is not your rest day make up a missed workout.  Sat & Sundays workouts will be posted at the gym.

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  1. big crowd today! I’m glad my entire family showed up and didn’t ditch me:) good job everyone! hicky, you’re awesome! and tuna, thanks for making us all call jumping jacks “star jumps”, our new favorite word!! we’re still missing Pebbles, but we’re managing to limp along without her, sadly:(

  2. Thanks LeeAnn… you did heavier weights than I did, though. I tried the 25’s but I was afraid I would drop them on my head if I had to do 10 thrusters in a row with them, so I stook with the 20’s instead. I’ll try to go heavier next time.
    Sammy, you are a machine. You made that heavy weight you were throwing over you head look light! Well done!

  3. Austin M says

    im gunnin for you today sammy. I dont know how well I can do 135 lb thrusters though. we shall see, I think you were the only one to do it Rx, props for that.

  4. Austin M says

    fell short 🙁
    thanks for root’en (how we say it in the south) me on though. I will be at the 5:45 tomorrow!! im gonna see how y’all do it at the crack of dawn…

  5. I miss everyone! Really missing my 7am class. How is everone doing?
    Loved the thruster/DU work out. Have not done the squat clean sit up one yet.It’s kind of fun to xfit in a regular gym. I looked over at Garrett whipping out double unders and behind him was a man doing one arm bicep curls. It is so hard to watch.
    We worked at the Northern New Jersey Autism walk on Sunday. Good things coming from that.
    See u soon.

  6. 7am was hoppin this morn! Not an easy work out. Hicky, thx for the luv, but I was just glad G wasn’t there, he would have made all of us look insufficient on that WOD! Still wish I could run like u!
    Austin, all I can say is u will catch this ole’ boy on heavies soon the way u are working. Only way I can keep an advantage is if u get a J-O-B to keep u from doing 2 a day W-O-D’s