Monday WOD



Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

Post time to comments.

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  1. pretty hands hurt says

    Pull-ups do they ever end?

  2. Never mind the pull ups, just be happy there are no burpees!! Or, heaven forbid, the dreaded Burp up (Burpee pull up combo)
    Anyone playing at 12:30??

  3. Woo Hoo! This Zone – No Alcohol diet works!!! Fran 4:23 rx

  4. Eat what I want – drink Stella!!! Fran 5:52rx. Awesome job today Pistol!

  5. Nice guns Whit!

  6. ***gigi*** Lost diet bet.. $100 Cost of says

    Note for tomorrow…
    gigi wants to play on the rope
    p.s. how much does the “girlie” bar weigh? (small black one)

  7. Pistol, Breeze, and Sammy smoked it today! Great job guys!
    BTW, talked to my doctor – he says my blood pressure is getting too low and the dizziness is from insufficient blood flow to my brain and coronary arteries (great…like I need that!) Stella – its a good thing I didn’t have a heart attack on you this AM…though at least I’ve signed the waiver.
    He says it’s also likely why I am winded and fatigued so easily… (hmmm…so THAT’s why I’ve sucked at CrossFit the last couple of weeks!)
    Anywho, he halved my meds… we’ll see. Keep an eye on me (Heaven forbid I change my diet and stop drinking Stellas!) One.

  8. ***gigi*** Lost diet bet.. $100 Cost of says

    Will try again..
    Lost diet bet…$100
    Cost of “clean” food …$250
    Eating & Drinking again……PRICELESS!!

  9. ***gigi*** says

    Spider…take it easy and go put some salt in your Stellas!!

  10. Thanks gigi – will do.
    FYI – WebMD’s symptoms of low blood pressure (none of which go well with CrossFit…or anything else for that matter)
    * Dizziness/Lightheadedness (definitely)
    * Unsteadiness/blurring of vision (si)
    * Weakness (yep)
    * Fatigue (uh-huh)
    * Cognitive impairment (shut up)
    * Nausea (no wonder Pukie has been chasing me around!)
    * Head or neck discomfort (only after Thrusters)
    * Headache (yep)
    * Fainting (…not yet)

  11. GIGI you are my idol!!!!
    This made my day!
    Lost diet bet…$100
    Cost of “clean” food …$250
    Eating & Drinking again……PRICELESS!!
    (so true some things in life just don’t have a price)
    my brother -in -law told me yesterday if you are not drinking you are not living!!! you two should meet!

  12. Spidey, don’t mess with ur ticker….it gets serious
    Now if we want to mess with a ticker, we should mess with kim and brads stopwatch…I think they lapped us! Great job coaches!
    I can understand kim’s perfomance gains with the diet and work…brad, ur just a miracle of science!

  13. Spider. Don’t stop drinking. It will kill you. I think you need a few days at the beach to cure your low blood pressure.
    6:09 today. Almost the second pukie for CFNF. Gues that means I actually tried hard today.
    Thanks Breeze for keeping on me.

  14. Great day everyone! Sammy…u took almost 8 minutes off your time. G-dog…better by 2:50. Spider…uh..have a stella! Looking forward to seeing Pebbles tomorrow and hearing about the cert.

  15. Will be there.I am beat tonight. Can’t wait to get back to CFNF.