Monday WOD


Thruster 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comment.

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  1. Way to go Garrett. 205# thrusters. AWESOME!!!!

  2. 205# thruster – wow – I’m not coming to workout out with you guys…
    Christy – thanks for the note on our board. It was good meeting you also – and thanks for the count!!

  3. Big lift today G-dog!

  4. Garrett Beuller….you’re my hero!
    205 Thruster is big time. That’s all it took me to come up lame on squats, and you’re throwin’ it around like a rag doll.
    I feel like I’ve broken through. No workout today and I travel thru Thurs. I will be back in on Friday if it hurts me again or not! Miss ya’ll.

  5. Hope to see ya soon Sammy.

  6. welcome back Hickey!!! glad to see you today..looking forward to tomorrow , looks like you made good time on the workout today!! Congrats- I will have to compare with pistol…Hagler

  7. ***gigi*** Founding member & burpee hater says

    Had fun today with the spiderman!! don’t go hurting the shoulder spidey…
    Heading back down to the beach to soak up some vitamin C.
    I’ll even do a beer-burpee or two while I’m there….
    Sweatman…maybe hickey will let you run with her while I am gone 🙂
    Almost had 95# today but wimped out. Solid 89 though, so next time, I’m on it!!
    Where has Tim been??? Is he going ugly early now or with the dinner club?
    Hope you feel better Sammy!

  8. Big day for the 8AM crew.
    Mr Trego was on fire. Just barely lost 205. Ray your 95lbs were great.
    Great day.

  9. Kim - CrossFit North Fulton says

    Great workout today everyone! Gdog, you da man! That’s why i accidentally/on purpose leave my things in your car, cuz your such a stud! I got 113 today and think I coulda went a little heavier but didn’t want to chance it. I will try harder next time. On another note, I got my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th muscle up today!

  10. Yea, Where is Tim? Tim, Ethan, Bethany…we miss you!

  11. Damn! Congratulations Kim that’s fantastic! Wish I was there to see it… you’ll do another one tomorrow. Well done though, that’s such an achievement.

  12. Kim…that is awesome! Congratulations!