Monday WOD



Deadlifts 135#
Jumping Ring Dips
Overhead lunge
250m row between each round (damper setting on 10)

Post time to comments.

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  1. Holy crap! Glad I’m coming in at tonight. Does not look like I will be able to use my legs after this WOD.

  2. Oops… didn’t know the damper had to be set on 10. I changed it down to 4 after round two…
    Fun workout though. Good job morning crew!

  3. What was your time Hicky?

  4. Pebbles – your foresight is awfully good…my legs are quite quakey today. Pukie even hunted me down in the last round! (You ain’t pukin’ you ain’t tryin’ – right Stanley?) Thanks for pushing me Pistol – 18:37 Rx.

  5. good job this morning to Nitro and Tonto – my hamstrings were still hurting after Saturday – now I can add sore shoulders from Brad’s voice haunting me, “shoulders next to ears, Xena!!”

  6. I got 16 something… I think

  7. Gigi...Burpee hater..all forms and variations says

    That was sorta fun (no burpees). Must have been doing something wrong as I actually feel okay (besides the hip, which hurts 24/7!!)
    Freakin’ cadio was thru the roof, though!
    Off to work and then play in La Jolla next week!
    Hagler…where were you today??