Monday WOD





Bench Press


Cool Down

400 run

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  1. Thanks Kim!!! Great Workout!

  2. 19:11

  3. I am new to CrossFit and LOVING it. Thank You Brad and Kim for bringing it to North Fulton.The combination of heavier weights with high intesity excercise makes for the best work outs I have ever had! I am seeing quick changes in my body…which are really needed!!!!!My husband and I enjoy trying to beat each other’s time each day.Eventually, I will beat Kim and Brad too!!!!

  4. Brad Trego says

    Game On u Butches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. More weight, please!!! 🙂

  6. Today I did WOD from Wednesday and it looks easier that it is. Those air squats really burn and I still can’t walk one hour later. These work outs have been a lot of fun and it is great to mix things up every day. The most fun is taking the time each day to tell Brad how much I dislike him for making me do this, especaily when I do the workouts that he has not done yet. Clearly he wants to make sure he beats my time so that he is not embarassed by the chubby guy. Kim, keep up the low times but PLEASE no more kissy face with Brad while I am working out.