Monday WOD


5 Rounds for Time

400m run

30 Box Jumps

30 Wall Ball Shots

Post Time to comments.

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  1. Man, I’ve GOT to STOP looking at these before getting there! 5 rounds of wall balls?? Geeeeeez! I have just stopped shaking from Friday’s workout!!
    See you at 12:30,

  2. Hello to my northern neighbors. I just wanted to jump on your board and introduce myself. My name is Jeff Hayes. My wife, Melissa and I run an affiliate intown- BTB Fitness/BTB CrossFit. Welcome to the CrossFit family! Anytime any of you guys are in the area (our box is in the Va Highlands) feel free to stop on in for a “dose”. Don’t be strangers, and don’t be afraid to post on our board. We love to hear from folks. Oh- that was the BTB Nasty Girls on the main page Sunday. Great costumes, I say. cheers.

  3. Did Nast Girls Today. 10 minutes and some odd seconds. I did jumping ring dips for muscle ups. I feel sure I could have done it in less than 10 minutes had I not tangled the rings into a huge mess which caused Brad to say”What Did YOU Do?” Good work out though. The squats burn like SH%#.

  4. Somehow, got tricked into Filthy Fifty. All was well and good until those freakin Burpees. I’m getting a petition together. anyone rather do man eaters???

  5. I never did find out what a man-eater is according to the new description. Don’t forget to answer me on Wednesday, Brad.
    Btw, I liked my new workout. I can do those squats and lunges all day long. heh heh It might not be a man-eater but it is close to a killer anyway.