Monday WOD


Sean got overserved a big slice of "Humble Pie" this weekend at the Atlanta Area CrossFit Affiliate’s Challenge.  Are you ready for next weekend?  Fight Gone Bad for Cushing’s.  $25.00 donation required.  Will be held at Sonz in Buford.  Please inform us if you are attending as Sonz will  need a headcount for food.

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments.

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  1. Woohoo….squats!

  2. Just when you think you’re in shape, all it takes is a few minutes with you guys…haha!

  3. 155#. Thanks for oyur help Kim. Going to go up next time. The 25 squats caught up with me!

  4. I want to look like that guy in the picture… What a great set of abs!!! I can’t get there fast enough, see u at 12:30… Hagler

  5. Sammy, get that back feeling better soon. We need you Saturday.
    245 today. Set the bar for breeze.

  6. Oh my…:-)
    Where have I been??
    Bustin’ my booty to get in there today to have ya’ll bust my booty. After a week with a 15 month old, a 3 year old and a five year old…I’m even looking forward to burpees…..we’ll maybe just one!
    I’ll try to be on time….key word…try.

  7. What were the components of Saturday’s Cross Fit challenge? Thanks!

  8. Charlie…95# barbell bears and pull ups. Much like last weeks WOD at CFNF.
    Are you coming this saturday to FGB?

  9. Sean, you’re breaking many a heart around here!

  10. Pistol and Breeze – sorry I missed you guys this morning. From the way Sammy’s been hobbling around all day it sounds like a good call – he’s at the chiropractor as I write this…he did sign the waiver, right?

  11. Hi Pebbles – I will miss Saturday’s fight gone bad as I will be running a trail “half marathon gone bad” that morning. What is a barbell bear?

  12. Will miss you on Saturday. Good luck with the “half marathon gone bad thing”.
    Barbell Bear= Start in deadlift position, squat clean, thruster, into back squat, shoulder press it back to the front and lower. It’s a big move. Tregos had s do 7 bears with 12 pullups x 5 rounds last week. Awesome work out. I used 65# not the 95# and it wore me out, but that is what we pay for right???
    Sammy…feel better.
    Spider…get in there and squat.

  13. My back is broke! I guess you would call that a brokeback. I hope I can get back in game shape by Saturday. Doc said he had Trego’s batteries replaced when he did something similiar in 4 days…. here’s hoping I can heal as quickly.
    Sean, while I have the latitude of a “brokeback”, don’t let anybody give you too hard a time. I would eat humble pie every day for every meal if it would get me a physique like yours! Don’t worry, the Crossfit will come easier for you than having a body like yours will come for me. I would trade my performance for your appearance anyday.

  14. Speaking of brokeback…its’s about time for that Valentine video again of you know who Kim! heheheheh