Monday WOD


Yesterday’s WOD will be posted at the gym.


Saturday, June 14th CrossFit North Fulton will be closed for the Affilate Challenge at CrossFit North Atlanta.  If you haven’t signed up yet please do now!  Go to to sign up. 

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  1. **gigi** CFNF Elder says

    Then I’m not coming!!! Is there an alternate???
    p.s. not joking

  2. Austin M says

    gigi, don’t go out like that. Each round you are done with the burpees before you start hating them.
    And theres only 10 rounds, so its not too bad.
    LeeAnn killed it today, good job to all this morning. You will be seeing much more of me in the early classes, its just too hot to workout any later!
    Be back at 6:30 for more punishment.
    p.s. If you don’t do this workout gigi you wont hear the end of it….

  3. Yes I second that- LeeAnn you were amazing! I’m going to practice my burpees tonight, that way I won’t spend half the workout crawling on the floor : ) Hicky you are a machine- and Sammy and Austin…just wow! See you tomorrow morning

  4. Thanks for all the shout outs! Even a modified burpee is still a burpee at heart. Not too shabby for an old broad that could’ve given birth to all of you . . . . well, maybe not you Sammy, i mean Eddie and I are both from West Virginia, but we didn’t start that young! Good job for hanging in there, Hicky; you are awesome, you too Tuna and Austin, i’m convinced, is part robot. See you guys back for more fun punishment on Wednesday:)

  5. Saturday’s event layout is now posted on the North Atlanta website.

  6. I agree with Kim, today’s workout is rude! Thank you everyone for the support… there better not be any pullups for a while now!

  7. tunology, thanks for props…don’t know how u can mention it in the same breath as Austin, he put a 4 min beat down on me. The kid has got to have motors inside! I’m gonna keep pushing but I think any mere mortal is outmatched. U two that “drive on the wrong side of the road” tore it up!
    Leann, I know u can’t be old enough to be my mom; nice enough, but not old enough….even in WVA! U were great this morn, way to burn it up.