Monday WOD


Stanley of the Roswell P.D. is not afraid of the Pistol.

Row 2K

Post time to comments.

The filthy fifty will be posted in the gym today.

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  1. gigi...burpee & manmaker hater says

    Not sure if I should say I’m back in town or not.
    I’ll be there at 12:30….

  2. whoa…welcome to Monday morning. Filthy Fifty was brutal. My burpees were sponsored in part by the 10 Heinekens I had at the pool yesterday. 28:39 Rx – (still can’t beat Hicky!)

  3. i second the “eeks” and the “whoas” and i add a “yikes”! i achieved my goals of not puking and not dying. Nitro achieved his goal of just showing up. And I thought Saturday’s workout was tough! Sheesh!

  4. Post vacation workout…everything has a price.
    Fred met the Filthy Fifty today for the first time…GREAT JOB!!
    Breeze…you’re a stud. Although, could have sworn you were gonna meet pukie on those wall balls! Awesome time!

  5. I will be on a plane in 12 hours…
    That is bad to the ass
    I can’t believe I am missing the FF….

  6. The 5:15 crew is bad ass. Can’t believe how fast Justin has come along. He is on fire.
    Thought I was keeping up with Kim, then came…..burpees. Those ONLY took me 10 minutes. 31 and change tonight.
    The only thing that would have made the above pic better would have been another frame or two of Stanley cuffing Kim and taking her away.

  7. Gdog we had pebbles and peaches in the 6:30p class and that is what makes the 6:30 class the bad ass class…I mean can anyone dance like they can at 5:15? Think not!
    That is how I got through my burpees Pebbles sang and danced for me to keep the focus off the burpee it was like a mini spring break 2008 all over again! No ice so that was sad but I did not have my phone to call you!!
    Fun Workout! Thanks Kim and Brad!

  8. Hate that I had to miss the FF! I’ll have to make it up when I’m back.
    OCD – Have an awesome time with the cool people, but just remember that we’re pretty stinking cool here, too! We’ll miss you and can’t wait to hear all about it.

  9. Tht’s right Jpo. I am here for the entertainment.
    We needed that!!! 29 minutes and 19 seconds of hell.
    Way to go Cory. Nice job finishing this monster on your first time.
    SOOOO fun to see Peaches and Shandy. Squid you had an great time on the board.
    I am off tomorrow. See ya Wednesday.

  10. I need to get some double under lessons from Peebles! Great job today, thanks for leading the pack! Appreciate it Kim and Brad.

  11. Hey, I did a modified WOD at my gym where I teach. Did a fugly forty, taught, then did a tricky 30. Kicked my a**. I’m finally able to do a few DUs in a row now (3-4). I might be bringing 2 friends to the Friday 4:30 class. C ‘ya ltr.