Monday-Rest Day


Nice Guns!!

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  1. Where’s the Butches???? Thank You Butches and New Balance for the cool shoes. New Balance is the official shoe for CrossFit North Fulton.

  2. should be there at 12:30…
    anyone else gonna play??

  3. Nice triceps! Love New balance. See you at 5:15

  4. I love new balance too!!! Best running shoes I’ve ever owned!! they also are great for crossfit too!!
    when i grow up, i want to look like kim.
    Sherri…great job powerlifting maniac!!
    sweatman…way to crank out that last round to MATCH your wife.
    Hope the rest of ya’s got in there was an easy one!! Only 4 exercises…
    off to shop……….

  5. Are you telling the truth???? I was hard I just know it!

  6. (((((JENNY))))))
    Where ya been girlfriend?? Missed ya being around. Come out and play! Yes, it was easy-er than others have been lately. But..there is always a but, Ya had to do two rounds of warmup though. With that it still only brought it up to a suckfactor 5. Not too bad for mr & mrs T

  7. Jenny…just picked up your voicemail…see you tomorrow!!

  8. Woohoo! Thanks for Sharing Cheri!!

  9. Where’s Julian?????

  10. Awesome job tonight Ladies!!!! Tracy you were a trooper on your first class! See you Wednesday.

  11. It was hard if u got in 4 rounds, Cheri!

  12. That’s why I did 3!!!!
    You HAD to do 4 to beat your wife.
    Now..quit beating up on GRANNY?!!
    time to go bake cookies..

  13. Monday-Rest day?!?!? I did take some long breaks today during the workout, but I guess in “Crossfit” terms that’s considered rest?! Thanks for the props gigi!! Way to kick butt everyone today. Just one more thing..what do I have to do to get the New Balance contract??