Monday-Rest Day


All sessions/classes will be at the new gym today!

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  1. kim Nadler says

    Awesome! Yall Look Great!! Sorry but I am confused. Is there a 5:15 class today are rest day and no classes?

  2. Kim the Pistol says

    Kim Nadler, there will still be class today at 5:15 and another at 6:30 that isn’t posted on the schedule yet.

  3. kim Nadler says

    what is the workout? I am taking morning off and might do it with Kyle tonight at 5:15pm?

  4. Love the new place. I was excited to work out this AM at CFNF’s new home. Rowing was new for me…loved it. The work out was a B*%CH. See u in the AM 5:45 anyone????

  5. PS. Kim Trego..I’m on your ASS!

  6. PSS. Brad and Garrett, I kicked yours.

  7. brad.....sweatman says

    Yes christy, you did beat our time. I dont know about you g-dog, but I’ d’ much rather have any RX next to my name!

  8. working on it peaches!

  9. Garrett......Clyde says

    Hmmmmm Should I defend Brad or the woman who gave life to my two boys??
    WAY TO GO CHRISTY. Soon we will be destroying both Trego’s.

  10. Home from the beach….see ya’ll tomorrow sometime…..
    Can’t wait to see the new place!!

  11. Watch out gigi..they are more determined than ever since they now have their own CROSSFIT CASTLE OF PAIN 🙂 We all love’s an addiction, but we’re surrounded by other addicts, so it’s ok 🙂
    p.s..Hope Wilson will enjoys his new home..sniff sniff