Monday-Rest Day


Nice form, Sherri!

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  1. Good Monday AM work out. 15 minutes and some odd seconds. I enjoyed attempting the HSPU on the wall. Going to practice those a lot more. My abs are screamin’. Very excited about being at CFNF and all of the good things to come.

  2. Christy aka Pebbles….my time was 17 and then some but that was because I was flashing Kim each round…..hahaha had sooo much fun with ya’ll Saturday night a little birdie told me you are getting a singing machine when should I come over Carrie and I have been working on some song and dance routines!!!! Gigi so glad I got to see you today!!!Tim you rock as always!

  3. I have decided that it is the most fun to just use the Trego’s singing machine. I am buying a round of rap CD’s and some 90’s dance music in the event they ever invite me back to their house again!I am looking forward to the new routine you and Carebear are providing. I am all about having some more fun!!!