Monday Rest Day


We had a great time at the Olympic Lifting Certification with Coach Burgener of Mike’s Gym in California.  We learned a lot of things and look forward to bringing them into the gym to share.  If today isn’t your rest day make up a missed workout or come see what’s on the board.  I have a feeling it’s olympic lifts.

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  1. This certification was AWESOME! Coach B is amazing and very motivating. I can’t wait to start practicing these lifts, although it won’t be until I can feel my shoulders again.

  2. Coach B should frame this cool picture!

  3. jenny.... Jpo says

    Nice job girls! Kim love the poster!

  4. Kim and Pebbles, it was great seeing you at the cert. I had a great time. See you all at the challenge. Also, we are having a little get together at Fado’s on Friday night. You are all invited to a little crossfit drinking and craziness.

  5. greetings Kim – I am looking for the registration for the Fight Gone Bad event you are hosting.
    anyway – if it’s not ready yet, that’s cool too – but count me in!
    Great Oly cert, huh? you have some mad oly skillz.

  6. Eve aka Tonto says

    Pistol, Awesome drills today. I hope to get that body to drive down into that landing position. I learned a lot today. TY
    “Snatch” balance is easier than just the “Snatch” YIKES!
    Congrats to you and Pebbles on your certification!

  7. WTG G-dog. Nice time today. 12 something.
    Stanley….you did great. Nice to see you tonight.
    See you in the am everyone.

  8. What’s up Kim and Pebbles. Can’t wait to meet the rest of your crew.