Monday!!!!! Happy Birthday Jpo!!!!!

IMG_5009Nice Chest to bar pull ups Hicky!

"Handstand Helen"

Three rounds for time:

400m run

1 and 1/2 pood kettlebell swing (or 55 lb dumbell) x 21

12 handstand push ups

Post time to comments.

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  1. Great pic! Day one at HH. Looking forward to getting my CrossFit on soon! I’m jonesing already! Breeze is out playing golf with Hoss. Hope you all enjoy this wod, can’t wait to do it.

  2. Happy Birthday JPo!!
    I left my sunglasses Saturday – did anyone find them by chance? Big black ones – I miss them and want them back.

  3. Happy Birthday Jpo!!!
    Hope you have a great day!

  4. Happy birthday Jenny!

  5. Happy Birthday JPO!

  6. Happy Birthday Jpo!

  7. Happy Birthday Jenny from the Block!!:)

  8. I think Peaches might have them.

  9. Happy Bday Jpo!

  10. Happy Birthday, Jpo!

  11. Yay! Thanks DJ!

  12. happy birthday jpo!!
    kids going to the game this friday – i’ll be at the gym today at 5:45 to distribute more tickets ($27 each). if you originally said you wanted to go but can’t anymore, let me know asap because a little waiting list has developed, and i can give them your tickets.

  13. Thanks for all the bday wishes! It was a great weekend and a great day!

  14. Happy Birthday J-po!
    I will return to the gym once my hangover wears off.
    I have a rather large bag of lost and found items I will bring. Should be there tomorrow at 6:30. I have three pairs of sunglasses. Although one pair was found resting in the cheese dip.

  15. I’m pretty sure mine was not the pair in the cheese dip (I’m hoping anyway!).

  16. Not sure if anyone got a chance to see this on the HQ blog today but worth it — it’s the CF Kids’ version of Nasty Girls (“Naughty Kids”). Cutest thing I’ve ever seen. My favorite parts are the hand power cleans and her taking “shots” of water/juice between exercises.
    (if it doesn’t load, go to HQ link)

  17. Happy Birthday, Jenny! Hope you had a happy day!