Monday – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy V-D

"Couple's Therapy"

400 m run
100 Sledge Hammer Strikes
6 Rope Climbs (Scaled: Bear Crawl length of room w/dumbbells)
100 Box Jumps (24)
50 Windshield Wipers (Scaled: toe 2 bar)
100 Weighted Push ups (m:45, w:25)
400m run

Two person team workout.  Grab your sweetie (or any ole partner) and come wod all that VD chocolate off (as if you can have it during the nutrition challenge anyway?)  Run together, one person works at a time on everything else.  On push ups have your partner place a bumper plate on your back.  Don't forget to show your hands at the bottom of the push up.  

Post time to comments.

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  1. How creative! This looks fun……Watch out everybody Craig and I are totally up for this challenge! 🙂

  2. can i be your third wheel?

  3. also i cannot wait to see weighted bear crawls. those sound so gracefully natural

  4. Who needs a partner at lunch? I’ll be there to work out. Looking forward to this one.

  5. Does anyone have a sliding compound miter saw we can borrow to make jerk boxes?

  6. i do

  7. you’re on. Should be a good one.

  8. I’ll partner up with you. My valentine already did spinning today and isn’t likely to come crossfit. I’m gonna need a partner, or go solo.

  9. actually, believe it or not, I think we do. I’ll have to ask my wife since she’s the one with all the tools and abilities to use tools in our house.

  10. Going to try to make it to the 5:45 class, so if anyone needs a partner I should be around.

  11. sweet! i’ll be there around 5.

  12. How is it that the Preacher can work in both “menage a trois” and the “holy trinity” into the answer when I asked him if I could be the third wheel in his and Buzz’s couple WOD?

  13. Big lunch crowd! Lots of fun today.
    O-lifting was good. Kim and Ed I love the “snerk” Murph will get a kick out of that for sure 🙂
    PS. Murph, I love the socks yo gave Pistol. So cute!!!!

  14. Awesome job today everyone! Huge group for the 6’ish class, and it was nice to see some of the couples “working together”.