Monday Day 22 HSPU CFNF Bracketology Begins! – Happy Birthday Jenny Schroeder!


Seeding WOD:  1 Round

Based on results of WOD#1 each team will be seeded 1-16.  Wod #2 will face Team 1 vs. Team 16, Team 2 vs. Team 15, etc.  Winner moves on…Loser moves to consolation bracket.  Lose twice….you're out.

10 Power Cleans 155/105   135/87  115/63

100 Double Unders or 400 Single Jumps

50 Wall Ball  20/14  15/10  Women hit 8ft target

25 Burpees

10 Power Cleans

Post time to comments.  

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  1. Happy B-day Jenny.
    Cool WOD. Going to have to do this tomorrow 8:30am Blake.

  2. spider! i’ll be doing this either tonight or tomorrow night. (no more 6 am’s for me until Christmas break or next summer!) when will you do it?

  3. do we do these wod’s with our parthers or do we come in any time?

  4. Barring any pop-up meetings, planning on lunch today.

  5. ok set the bar for me!

  6. Anytime

  7. Ashley Whiteman says

    Happy Birthday Jenny!! 🙂

  8. Happy birthday JS.
    The WOD was a blast with a large lunchtime turnout to get it done. Shout out to everyone who took part, especially Britt who crushed it lifting more than usual in the process. Awesome effort. So pleased she is my partner, although with the girls we have in the gym, you can’t go wrong!
    It’s a cool competition with a terrific format, good job Breeze and Pistol.