The Fantastic Four.

OHS Squat

3 X 3



for time:
Row 1K
100 double unders
Row 750 m
75 double unders
Row 500 m
50 double unders
Row 250 m
25 double unders
Post load/time to comments.


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  1. Fabulous picture. We did a bunch of OHS today but will see how it goes! woohoo 250 double unders!

  2. Brad, Kim,
    Are either of you going to be in the gym beyond 1.30pm? Just wondering as I’d like to lift and workout, but if not, I’ll just lift. I won’t be over until around 12.15 today due to meetings.
    See you later.

  3. Strike that, meeting cancelled, I’ll be in just after 11.30am.

  4. 19:03 on this WoD whew! Kudos to Postol who did it with me but 2 minutes faster… And they say short Asian’s can’t row.
    Be ware …Kim has the tape measure out and is measuring body parts 😉