_DSC0008  Whit, you da man!


For time:
150 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball

Post time to comments.

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  1. i miss you, whit!

  2. So… If I come to the 5:45, I should be done by 7:00

  3. My arms feel like jello just from reading the WOD.

  4. Was bitchin and moanin this am but managed to pull off Karen with a PR. Down to 7:45rx from 8 something last time. Row was a little faster too. 1:51
    First time doing push ups. Just over 7 min.

  5. Yay burpees! Day 7!

  6. Great job 7am crew, whom I will now refer to as Nitro and his bitches! Everyone did great – Barbara you are doing AWESOME for just starting and Sheri you keep up the good work and your knee will only get stronger and stronger.
    Saving the best for last, Nitro you are da bomb! You’re doing so much better every day and working thru your injury. Physical Therapy is not doin’ sh*t! It’s all the work you’re putting in at CFNF every week that is making you strong like bull!
    Beach, here we come!

  7. Great job Pebbles!
    I’m still recovering from Saturday’s WOD. Oh well, suck it up and get it over with and enjoy my rest day tomorrow.

  8. Got humbled by “Karen” today.
    Pistol smoked it today.

  9. Big Ed and Hagler nice to work out with normal people today. Karen sucked with a capital S. I thought both of you did swell.
    Brad and Kim cheated…..they always cheat.
    My pebbles rocked it as always.
    Hope the rest of you can’t feel your legs tonight, just like I can’t feel mine right now.

  10. Oh and this zone and paleo diet are stupid.
    4 weeks of almost no carbs and 5 days a week at CFNF = 2 lbs gained.
    4 days of pizza, 5 guys, nachos, starbucks and bread = 4 lb loss.
    Shandy bring on the breakfast meats!!!

  11. Lookn good Whit!
    I’m with ya G-dog!

  12. Ok Ladies.. will you be doing this when you’re a great grandmother?!?!

  13. nice article! damn she lifted more at age 68 than i do at age 23. but records are made to be broken; give me 45 years and see what i can do 🙂 very impressive for someone her age, especially being obese earlier in life.

  14. First, I like G-Dog’s new eating plan. I’m off The Zone and I’m on The Dog from here on out!
    Second, LOVE the great grandma. I thought doing 143 deadlifts was impressive but she’s doing DOUBLE that!! She is my new hero.
    Third, I also loved the machine in Grandma’s video that spits little balls out for ab mat wall balls. It made me giggle.

  15. “The chair is against the wall….. The chair is against the wall….. John has a long moustache…….. John has a long Moustache”
    Breakfast Meats at 0900

  16. word shandy !!

  17. Hey guys! I didn’t realize how much I missed CF and everybody at the gym until I got there! It was good to be back.
    Katie and Kim – thanks for cheering me through the workouts today. It really helped a lot!

  18. Great to see you Kamilah and glad to hear you’re feeling better! Great job, GND! You almost had me and you were the closest I have seen so far to getting that muscle up. I know you will have it soon! Great job, Blake on getting your butt down! I’m proud of you!

  19. Blake…I don’t know what Pistol is talking about..but I am proud too!!!

  20. Also,great job on wall balls today Pistol… and Big Ed did 100 pushups just under 2 minutes…incredible!!! Rest day tomorrow at HQ…looking forward to what fun stuff we are doing tomorrow!!!! Joy, I was right behind you today…always glad to see your name on board!!