Alice and Kristen rock those box jumps! 

Congrats Xena and Katie on their ING finishes!

Strength Bias:

Back Squat

5 x 5

 Met Con:

Pull Ups

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  1. Fabulous morning. Thanks Breeze and Pistol.
    BS 185-190-195. 7:11Rx met con. I got 12 pull ups in a row which is PR for me.
    Handstand holds are tough 🙂
    Peggy. Kim has $23 to give you for Paleo kits. I got my Cabi stuff…thanks.
    Simon…remember to bring your flour container.

  2. Pebbles and JPo – SO sorry I didn’t bring the kits on Saturday – we ended up taking my grandparents out and I didn’t get up in time for the 8am. I have them in my car and will bring them tonight!

  3. No problem at all.