Ed gets his knees to elbows!  Photo courtesy of CrossFit North Atlanta

Back Squat



5 rounds for time:

5 Power Cleans 185 lbs
20 Double Unders

Post times to comments.  WOD courtesy of CF Football.

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  1. I Guess I will start this blog off for today!!!
    COOKOUT Friday after the 5p class…Come joins us for some food and Fun!
    Also I heard ED and Bostic represented at CFNA on Friday night!
    Great job guys!

  2. looking forward to this workout at 5…see yall then

  3. First day back after the SOTF last Saturday and shoulder felt pretty good although a little sore. I scaled so as not to kill myself to 155lbs, but 5.23 was not bad. DU’s are still with me. It was good seeing everyone again, I was having serious withdrawal symptoms last week

  4. Hey, who wants to do “Murph” on 11 Sep 2010 in Sharpsburg at a CF box grand opening?

  5. Ed, I don’t want to do Murph when its at our own box. Why in God’s name would i want to travel to do it….

  6. Because you don’t want to be known as a commie bastard.

  7. i don’t get it…do I really have to travel to Sharpsburg to open Murph’s box?

  8. Commie or not, I hate that WOD.

  9. dude, u just aren’t funny

  10. please leave the comedic retorts to someone like G-Dog, or Breeze, or basically someone other than you

  11. haha…Bostic actually posted something that was funny…Breeze write that down

  12. Ed I’d be up for going to open Murph on Sep 11 with ya. Long as I can bring my poodle and you take me out for Zima’s afterwards

  13. Ed, I will do it depending on the timing (and you mean Sharpsburg GA right?). If it’s afternoon or early evening I am in, morning and I am out, just let me know the details. Cheers.